Sponsors and Contributors

This page is dedicated to those organizations and individuals that have shown support to the PKMP by donating their time, gift, space and overall support! 

Click on the images to learn more about these organizations and the services that they provide! 

Honorable Mentions

Tricia Williams                                               J Lynn Williams                                                Domino's Pizza
Olivia Britt Currin                                          Cookie Lee Jewelry                                          Krispy Kreme
Aubrey Sexton Poe                                         Brandywine Cellars                                          McDonald's
Stephanie DeLamater Phillips                    Bridging the Gap of NC, Inc.                           Panera Bread
Nyisha Davis-Garvin                                      Saint Augustine's University                          Applebee's
Tonya Ellington                                              Salon Nails and Mobile Concierge Service   Pierce Group Benefits
Michelle Wensmann Waddill                     ToriNikole Smith, Ardyss                                 SisterFriend Book Club
Jacqueline Cheek                                           The Baking Sisters
Tonya Beckwith                                              Raines Photography and Videography
Kai Eason                                                         Sonya Lang Hackett, Author
White Stone Lodge #133                              The Town of Garner NC
Amanda Alston                                              Chick-Fil-A


 Step Innovations

Father's Forever
A Personal Perspective from My Heart to Yours

PGF Basketball (Put God First Basketball)