Mentor FAQ's

Do mentors get paid?

No, mentors are not paid; however the program coordinates events onsite and offsite which are free to mentors who complete an application and are eligible.

What is the age requirement to become a mentor?

**21 years and up
(Unless you are doing peer to peer mentoring which is only available to High School Juniors and Seniors.) 

What are the criteria for being a mentor?

■ Ability to listen actively
■ Ability to ask probing questions/deeper discussion
■ Share personal learning
■ Co-create development goals and action learning activities
■ Insight into the organization
■ Willingness to engage in the development of someone else
■ Focuses on the mentee
■ Has influence & connections
■ Not overly territorial; has qualities of an emerging leader

Can mentors date their mentees?

In order to provide an objective and quality mentor experience, we do not encourage mentors and mentees date during this experience.

Mentee FAQ’s

Is the program free?

YES! The program is free of charge to anyone  who completes an application.

Can anyone join the program?

Any one is eligible to join the program.

Is it possible to get dismissed from the program?

Yes. One program goal is to provide support to students who genuinely have an interest in becoming a successful student. If mentors or mentees engage in activities that may misrepresent the P.H.A.T. Kids Mentoring Program or any participating High School, College or University, the student will be dismissed from the program.

When is the best time for me to sign up for the program?

You can sign up at anytime throughout the year.

How will I benefit from participating in the program?

Mentee participants benefit a great deal by having a mentor. They will be matched with an adult or student who can provides suggestions regarding  program resources i.e. tutoring, counseling, athletics, current and upcoming events, etc. and someone who will give them advice about college, careers, and share some life lessons.

General FAQ’s

How much time is involved in the program?

The amount of time you spend with your mentor or mentee will vary depending on your schedules. The staff encourages some type of interaction (i.e. phone, email, one-on-one visit) at least once a week.

What are some activities sponsored by the Mentor Program?

The P.H.A.T. kids Mentoring Program offers a wide variety of cultural, academic, and social events throughout the calendar year. Some events include: team building exercises, trips to cultural events, bowling, and more. Some additional local activities the program may sponsor are movie tickets, campus tours, certificates to local restaurants to name a few.

How can I stay updated on program events?

The P.H.A.T. kids  Program website which allows participants to stay updated on our events at their fingertips. Mentors and mentees can view the website from their home, at the library, etc. to get up-to-date reminders, set their calendars for the week and, send emails to the participants, chat via social media, and much more.

How do you match the mentor and mentee?

The program uses a combination of factors when matching the peer mentor with a mentee. We review similar program/curriculum and then we review students with similar co-curricular and extra-curricular interests. However, the opportunity for growth and learning can come from all types of people who may not share the exact career paths or personal interests.