Our Mission and Program Information  

Mission Statement: To positively impact the lives of young people by providing adult support and learning opportunities that promote character development and life-enhancing values.

Philosophy: By providing youth with consistent, caring mentors, they will learn life skills and develop core values through exposure to the arts and the world of school and work. Mentors will learn how to use teachable moments to illustrate these values.

Goals/Purpose: To help young people build character and life skills through exposure to colleges and universities, the arts, and the world of work. Mentors will be part of a team that takes responsibility for a child. Mentors spend time being adult friends to the youth mentees. Mentors invest their time in listening, building trust, establishing a relationship, supporting and guiding the mentees.

Program Guidelines: The pairs will meet for 1 to 4 hours per month per the conversation with the parent of the mentee for at least 6-12 months, as their schedule permits. In addition to the weekly meetings, mentors and mentees must attend a training session, a program kick-off, several group and recreational events and supervisory meetings. The meetings will take place at the place of choice and at recreational and educational locations throughout North Carolina.

Mentors and mentees must complete written applications and mentors must complete a background check. Benefits: In addition participants will also benefit from the following:

Mentees: The program will help young people to develop important life skills, learn about the world of work, plan for the future, improve school attitudes and performance and build self-confidence.

In addition to providing mentors with the satisfaction of giving back to their community, workplace mentoring can help build company morale, improve employee productivity and contribute to overall job satisfaction.

MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership

MENTOR serves as the nation’s premier resource and advocate for direct-service mentoring programs. Since 1990, MENTOR has been working to expand the availability of high-quality mentoring across America with the goal of ensuring that every child who needs or wants a caring adult mentor has one. Over 15 million young people in the United States fall into the mentoring gap: they want a mentor but do not have access to one. MENTOR’s mission is to close that gap.